Audit and General Taxing Authority Representation

The very word “audit” often strikes fear in the minds of individuals and corporations alike. However, with the assistance of Irina Sprishen, CPA, PC, it by no means has to. While no one is ever fully insulated from audit risk or an inquiry by a regulatory body, we do our best to see that our clients are provided the most diligent audit defense possible under their circumstances. We have a strong track record of validating client tax positions, and have settled for below assessed value, or entirely eliminated, many claims for tax liability, including interest and penalties.

We possess broad experience in audit practice before the Internal Revenue Service (the “IRS”) and its various divisions, including Appeals, and deal with the IRS itself on a daily basis. Our office regularly prepares tax protests, offers in compromise, and trust fund recovery penalty non-assessment petitions, among others. Furthermore, we have prepared many petitions before the United States Tax Court in those rare situations where amicable settlement with the IRS does not appear realistic.

Our office is also well-versed in matters with state and local taxing authorities in various jurisdictions, and we have frequently addressed issues regarding state corporate income tax nexus, sales tax exemptions, and residency determinations.

Our efforts on behalf of our clients during audits and other matters before the IRS and state taxing authorities ensure that the best possible result will be obtained. We understand how stressful and unnerving the audit and inquiry process can be, and we seek to remove the burden from our clients and handle their cases until they are resolved or disposed of in the manner most favorable to them.